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10" Lisa Cane
10" Lisa Cane
10" Lisa Cane
10" Lisa Cane
10" Lisa Cane
10" Lisa Cane
10" Lisa Cane

10" Lisa Cane

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Native to western Africa 

How To Keep It Alive

Light Requirements 

This plant will tolerate low light conditions very well but it can definitely receive indirect bright light as well.

Watering Requirements

Water about once every two to three weeks, make sure the first two inches of the soil is dry before watering.

This plant thrives in high humidity but is fine without.


Additional Details

Measurement of plant

Stands to about six feet tall and is two feet wide. 

#MCYLMatteBlackCERAMICplanter #StandingROffWhiteConcretePlanter

Stands to about six to seven feet tall and is about two feet wide.

 #NurseryPlanter #M509GlazedWhiteCeramicPlanter #MCYLMatteBlackCERAMICplanter #SCYL243WashedConcretePlanter

Your plant will arrive re-potted in the chosen planter, re-potting is free.


Due to the lack of a drainage hole in this planter, your plant WILL NOT arrive planted for drainage purposes.


Lisa canes will feed on regular houseplant fertilizers. Our plants will arrive fertilized.