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Medium Christmas Cactus

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Our seasonal (medium-sized) Christmas Cactus is blooming and ready for you to bring it home for the holidays. We will deliver it to you if you can’t make it through our doors! Also known as the Holiday Cactus, this holiday beauty is a hybrid that’s scientifically known as the Schlumbergera x buckleyi. Part of the Cactaceae family, our customers love it for its delicate flowers and contrasting jagged leaves that thrive during the winter months. The medium-size cactus is about half a foot and some change tall, and approximately half a foot wide.

(Medium) Christmas Cactus Benefits

Customers have reported the Christmas Cactus giving them a soothed and relaxed energy in the evenings when sharing their rooms with the plant, and we can tell you why. The cactus cleans the surrounding air by releasing oxygen at night instead of during the day, keeping the evening air fresh when it’s time to wind down for the night. 

Blooming with Holiday Spirit

Native to Brazil, this plant doesn’t experience the Christmas season like the Northern Hemisphere. These months in South America are much warmer, consisting of tropical temperatures and balmy sunlight. The Christmas Cactus loves to bloom with the holidays and keeps that schedule even as a houseplant, making it full of cheer, sprucing up any event or social room with its cherry pink and red flowers. This is what gives it the name, Christmas Cactus.

Cactus Leaves

We love our cheery cactus because of its prickled leaves. It’s a part of the genus Schlumbergera, which includes a group of approximately 6 species of cacti with similar leaf characteristics. These encompass thick stems that look like flat pointed pads with rough, jagged edges, kind of like a Christmas tree.

And it's Pet-friendly?!

With all that the plant has to offer, it is also pet-friendly! Seriously, what more can you ask from this plant?

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