Small Peperomia polybotrya - Dahing Plants
Small Peperomia polybotrya - Dahing Plants
Small Peperomia polybotrya - Dahing Plants
Small Peperomia polybotrya - Dahing Plants

Small Peperomia polybotrya

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Raindrop shaped leaves, whattttt?

Apparently, the leaves are thicker than normal houseplants too, just saying. 

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Care Info

Light Requirements

Keep this plant in indirect bright light.


Water once every five days to a week, when the first fingertip length of the soil dries.

Additional Info

Stands to about 7 inches tall and is about 7 inches wide.


Nursery planters are meant to be temporary. We recommend choosing another planter, we'll even re-pot the plant in it for free.


This plant will feed on general houseplant fertilizers. Our plants will arrive fertilized.

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