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Online Gift Card

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Getting the person plants that they'll keep-alive is hard, be it because they're starters, or you just don't know what the light condition of their place is. Gift them this online gift card so they can choose the plants according to their environment, enjoy our plant shopping experience, choose plants they like, and have it delivered to their door. The gift receiver will receive the simple instructions & redeem code via email, and it will be so simple that Grandma can even handle it. This gift card will give them one-hundred percent satisfactory and cost zero effort for you. Shop without hassle, but full of surprise. 

Why choose us?


To ensure the best quality plants available to our customers, we hand pick your plants from our greenhouse and deliver them. We want you to receive the best plants possible.


After you purchase, you won't be alone! Our plant experts will be there to help you whenever you need help!

Freshest Possible

Going the extra mile for quality.

We take pride in providing customers with the best plants possible. We often go out of our way to ensure that customers receive high-quality plants. But don't just hear it from us, hear it from other people!

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